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Sir David Attenborough rides again!

The documentary prequel to Attenborough’s new BBC-TV series, First Life, was a delight. To see this man - who must be in the top rank of ’national treasures’ - displaying such excitement (and humour) in his eighties was really inspiring.

I was really glad that I’d read the books by Sean Carroll mentioned elsewhere in this section and watched Armand Leroi’s What Darwin didn’t know (mentioned on the same page) before I watched the first episode of what promises to be a marvellous account of the origin and evolution of life on Earth. Some grasp of the new science of ’Evo-Devo’ made Attenborough’s descriptions of how the earliest organisms developed a lot more meaningful for me.

I look forward eagerly to watching each episode of First Life as its broadcast and then seeing the whole thing again over a shorter timespan when the series is safely archived on the rapidly-filling 1TB external drive attached to our FreeSat+ box. I’ll write more once I’ve seen and digested it all...

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